To discover true potential, you have to look at things from every angle.

We strengthen companies by developing leaders and guiding transitioning employees to successful new beginnings. Awareness unlocks potential.


Leadership Development \\ Executive Coaching

We all want to grow. But finding the right path for growth can be a challenge. ClearRock has many years of experience helping leaders to recognize their own potential and uncover how to advance themselves as well as their teams and organizations.


Outplacement \\ Career Transition

Life is full of changes. Some chosen, some not. ClearRock meets people where they are at in life and helps them to embrace their individual potential for growth from that point forward. Because each of us has so much more to offer than even we are aware of.



When things become clear, potential is unlocked.

Knowledge Base

\\ Because awareness unlocks potential


My decision to work with ClearRock was based on the professionalism, expertise, strength of character and overall impression that I received. My experience in working with ClearRock was, in a word, excellent, from day one to the current day. They are all exceptional at what they do.

Site Head, Bio/Pharmaceutical Firm

ClearRock has been absolutely exceptional in their support of our transitioning employees.  Our employees have told us they felt treated with respect and supported emotionally during a difficult time in their lives. I would highly recommend ClearRock without any hesitation.

Executive Director Human Resources, Bio/Pharmaceutical Firm

ClearRock’s approach to coaching has just the right amount of structure and flexibility to meet our needs. Their team of executive coaches provided depth and diversity, and allowed us to evaluate and select a coach that aligns with our individual personalities and work styles.

Senior Director/Chief of Staff, Healthcare

Each of my staff members received the guidance and support they needed to successfully transition from their role to their new positions. All 13 have been successful and bore minimal financial and professional hardships in making their transition.

I would recommend ClearRock without reservation.

 President, Bio/Pharmaceutical Firm

Working with my executive coach at ClearRock provided me with the tools to be a better leader, and the desire to continue to improve.

Development Officer, Healthcare

ClearRock is an amazing and effective partner:  consistent high quality product; provides logistical and tactical brilliance; flexible partner in so many ways - listens hard to us, suggests alternatives as needed, can be almost anywhere at anytime; excellent customer service and responsiveness.

Director, Human Resources, Higher Education

The ClearRock staff are empathetic without coming across as gratuitously pandering, are pragmatic and realistic to help clients on both sides of the table, they are all eloquent and offer strong, clear advice....and do not simply ingratiate themselves to win more business (which I especially loved!).

President, Bio/Pharmaceutical Firm

I believe that this experience has given me new tools to continue my growth as a leader. It was a tremendous benefit to step back from the day-to-day and think more strategically.

Executive Director of Gift Administration and Recording Secretary, Higher Education

I’m not sure that words can convey how much your advice has meant to me over the years. ClearRock is the firm that I want by my side when I have a problem, question, or ongoing professional need.

Vice President of Development, Healthcare Firm

In the future, when I need the services of a company like ClearRock, I know I will call upon them is with 150% certainty that I say this because my experience was so very positive!

President, Bio/Pharmaceutical Firm

The program was both well rounded and professionally delivered. My consultant was unbelievable. Her undying willingness to support me made my search process (nearly) enjoyable. I sincerely would not have succeeded to the degree I did without the help I received.

COO, Financial Services Industry

I cannot say enough positive things about ClearRock. From the moment ClearRock interviewed for our business, I knew that they would be a perfect match:  Their presentation was clear and they presented a quiet but strong confidence that they could provide us with what we needed.

Vice President, Healthcare Firm