10 Life and Leadership Lessons From the Patriots

By Ellie Eckhoff

  1. Team first – teams win together and lose together. Invest in and develop your players to bring out their best. Have one team goal and get all players working toward that goal.
  2. Inspirational leadership – put a “Brady-like” leader in front – people follow those they trust and respect. No trust, no respect = no super big wins.
  3. Personal accountability – make sure people know what you expect, have the skills and knowledge to do the work, and see how their work connects to the greater purpose of the team/organization.
  4. Mental toughness – it all starts inside. What you think, feel and believe about yourself and your teammates shows up every day. Control what you can control – YOU!
  5. Perseverance – no matter what happens through the course of the game, it’s not over until the clock runs out.
  6. Commitment and preparation – do the work in practice so when game day comes, you have the physical stamina to play into overtime. Be strong, determined, confident and Play to the End.
  7. Agility – the Patriots know what to do in every situation. Great leaders adapt to the situation, challenges, and field conditions. Naysayers and politics are not invited on the field.
  8. Coaching culture – the best players have coaches. They know that working with a coach helps them be and do their best and is mission critical.
  9. Respect the opponents – without them, there is no competition. Acknowledge their strengths, speak positively about their abilities, and let your actions speak louder than your words.
  10. Acknowledge and celebrate with all who helped make it happen!