10 Questions to Ask an Outplacement Provider

By Kathleen Teehan

Thinking about an Outplacement Provider is typically not top of mind for most Human Capital leaders.  Probably because it’s not pleasant to think about downsizing, employee terminations or situations that require a downward shift in headcount.  As a regional leader in this space, we’ve heard this type of feedback many times over the course of our 20-year history.  But our clients have also expressed that having a trusted Outplacement Provider in place when needed, provided assurance that they could manage the process and transitioning employees with the level of dignity and professionalism that is deserved.

As you begin your search, here are some questions we’d recommend asking before choosing a partner:

  • What is the average tenure and credentials of your Consulting team?
  • What is your engagement rate for a transitioning employee?
  • Do you have client satisfaction data to share?
  • Will a Consultant be available to support you on notification day?
  • What percentage of transitioning employees utilize the services?
  • Will each employee work with a dedicated Consultant?
  • How much of the career transition consulting is delivered in person?
  • How do you service clients that are outside of this region?
  • What type of services are provided to Manager to help them manage the notification professionally?
  • Typically how far will an individual need to travel to meet with their Consultant?

We encourage you to begin dialogue with an Outplacement Provider long before you need it, so if or when Career Transition Services are needed, you will have confidence that your provider will deliver the highest quality of service and care during this time.

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