Feedback: An Organizational and Individual Perspective

Feedback: An Organizational and Individual Perspective

Part One

by Geralyn Burke Gray, Annie Stevens, and Lisa Zankman


Feedback – An Organizational View


Why is it that so many companies struggle with fostering and providing ongoing feedback? It seems that we have many forces trying to make sure that people get feedback through performance review systems, succession planning, high-potential criteria, etc., but what is the quality of the feedback that people really get in any of these approaches? As coaches spanning more than 20 years of experience, we continue to see clear evidence that organizations lack the ability, knowledge, or courage, to provide people with direct, high-quality, and actionable feedback. 


When interviewing people in the 360° feedback process we often ask if the person has ever given the feedback directly to the person being coached. The answer is so frequently “no.”


So why is it that it is so hard for people to talk directly to colleagues about how they work, how they could improve, and what they could do better to make them more effective?


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