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How to Manage Workplace Anxiety

In order to keep morale and productivity up and retain talent, executives and managers need to be sure that employees have the latest information about what’s happening, communicate it frequently, discover what the workforce is thinking, and invite input and feedback. ClearRock offers the following advice to managers on how…


Management Walking Around More to Maintain Morale

More executives, managers and supervisors are getting out of their offices and out from behind emails and are interacting with employees where the work is being performed. They are utilizing Management By Walking Around (MBWA) as a way to be more visible, connect with employees, invite suggestions, improve morale, productivity, and employee engagement….


Smallest Parts of a Job Search Often Produce the Biggest Results

Most of your helpful job search leads (80% or more) will come from just a few (20% or less) of your contacts, so expanding your base of contacts as much as possible – and then identifying those critical people – should be top job-hunting priorities.  The 80-20 rule, known in…


Social Media Profile Becoming as Important as Your Resume

Your online social media profile may be as important as your resume if you are looking for a new job or to change careers.  Employers are more frequently using social media networks to find candidates for employment, rather than going through resumes or searching job websites.  People who have neglected…


Raise or no Raise? Tips for Employees & Employers

While annual performance reviews remain the main method for delivering raises, companies are increasingly adopting proactive performance systems. In these systems, employees develop goals and timelines against which they will be evaluated, and their managers meet with them more often than once a year.  Annual performance reviews are not as…


Summertime Social Media Job-Search Strategy

About half of all job-seekers will either slack off or put their searches on hold during the summer. However, people who continue to be active can have an edge over others, and those who adapt social media to a summertime job search will have an even greater advantage.  Now that…


Guidelines for Giving Feedback

An effective way to get as much productivity as possible from employees is to provide timely, helpful feedback. However, giving feedback is one of the most poorly executed management duties.  Most managers have never received any training in giving feedback and are especially reluctant to deliver negative feedback. But, many…


The 7 New Ways to Mentor

 Short-term. Multiple. Reverse. Two-Way. Informal. Virtual. Companywide.  Mentoring has been revitalized and now comes in seven different forms to serve various purposes.  Following are the seven ways mentoring is being used today:  Short-term: Mentoring relationships can be very short-term – an hour or a day – or last weeks or…


Has Your Boss Become ‘Toxic?’

In a tough economy, managers and executives may become “toxic bosses” due to inadequate management skills and their negative reactions to cutbacks in staff, salaries, raises, benefits, bonuses, budgets, and promotions.  Layoffs and staff reductions may cause managers and executives to do more work with fewer employees and to work…


Six Steps for Getting Employers to Take a Second Look at You

Want to ask a prospective employer to take a second look at you – even if you have interviewed with the company before and did not get the job the first time?  Numerous job-seekers are successful after the second or third time they apply to or interview with a potential…


10 Ways to Dazzle in Your new Job

ClearRock offers the following 10 Ways To Dazzle In Your New Job:   Know what is expected of you and by when. Understand exactly what your boss requires you to accomplish and the timetable you have in which to deliver.  Also establish how your performance will be evaluated. Immediately start…


The Simplest Type of Career Change to Make

Since all sectors of the economy do not perform the same – with some industries faring better than others – job-seekers need to learn how to transfer their skills and expertise to those that are hiring. It is the simplest type of career change to make.  The employment picture can…


13 Ways to Become a Better Manager

One of the best ways companies can improve their bottom lines is for their executives and managers to manage better.  Managers can upgrade their management and leadership skills, team up with mentors, and clarify the objectives and career paths of those they manage.  To retain talented employees in this slowly…


Maintaining Better Workplace Trust is new Challenge

Trust in the workplace has been slowly recovering during the past few years.  Employees today are more trustful of senior management and colleagues than they have been since the start of the recession, according to surveys.  Improved trust in senior management has resulted from steps leaders have taken to cope…


13 Ways to Improve Your Job Search

The difference between landing a job and not hearing back from a potential employer can come down to a matter of details. These factors can include not following up quickly or effectively enough, failing to perfect your telephone interviewing skills, over-reliance on the Internet, having a poor social media presence…