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Job Search can Profit by Volunteering

It’s becoming more of a vicious circle for people who have been unemployed or working outside their areas of expertise for a long while. One of the biggest objections they hear from potential employers is they have not been using their professional knowledge and skills. How can they, many counter,…


Five Career Strategies

The two occasions that many people use to more closely analyze their careers are around New Year’s and after the summer break. These two times of the year also coincide with the budgeting, staffing, and hiring plans of numerous organizations as they prepare to close out this year and begin…


Seven Principles for Managing Change / More Employers to Address Being Overwhelmed at Work

One of the top human resource challenges of 2015 will be addressing the issue of employees being overwhelmed at work, which often spills over into their personal lives.  More employers are seeing higher levels of employee burnout and stress and are addressing it at the organizational level. Developing policies and…


Strategies for Getting Hired by Small Businesses

Whatever one’s hiring perspective, two things are clear:  – Small businesses should be part of every job-seeker’s employment search. Companies with fewer than 50 workers comprise 97% of all businesses, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  – A different job-search strategy must be used in seeking employment with small businesses….


8 Guidelines for Succeeding in new Job

Most people – especially those who have been unemployed for a while – devote almost all of their time and resources to getting a job, but are not nearly as prepared to succeed once they get it.  Many new hires do not have a clear understanding of the most important…


Job Rejections due to Lack of Cultural ‘Fit’

In cases where the qualifications of two candidates for the same job are roughly equivalent, cultural fit can be a deciding factor.  Lack of cultural fit is one of the biggest contributors to the failure of newly hired and promoted managers and executives. Among the reasons new leaders do not…


Persistence vs. Pest – How to Persevere in job Hunt

Charlie Sheen’s stock broker character made 59 straight days of phone calls and hand-delivered a box of Cuban cigars before he got an interview with Michael Douglas’ corporate raider character in the movie Wall Street.  While that is obsessive and most people would consider him a pest, there is one…


“Moving Up” no Longer Means Being Promoted

With workforces still lean and fewer people getting promoted today, the definition of “moving up” has changed, according to ClearRock Inc.  Years ago, many workers followed a personal career guideline of: “Every three years, up or out.” That is, a worker should expect to be promoted every three years or…


7 Ways to get Your Career Unstuck

ClearRock offers the following advice on getting your career unstuck – by either resolving issues with your current employer or finding another job:   1. Have a talk with your boss. A good starting point is a frank discussion with your manager about your potential, possibilities to take on more responsibilities,…


7 Recommendations for Employers on Retaining Talent

Retaining talented employees is takes on a higher priority when more jobs become available.  With the cost of replacing workers who leave or don’t work out at two or three times their compensation, companies are advised to monitor and revise their retention programs in order to encourage employees to stay…


Ensure Your ‘Fit’ With a job Before Applying or Accepting

With a greater supply of applicants available than jobs, how well a candidate fits the culture of an employer is more often being used as a deciding factor in who to hire, especially when their qualifications are roughly equivalent.  Job-seekers need to be sure they are familiar with the culture…


Why Only 3 out of 10 Change Initiatives Succeed – 7 Principles for Managing Change

Employers are continually introducing changes into the workplace – from revisions to health care plans to new products and services to new human resource and management policies. However, as many as 7 out of 10 of these changes never fully achieve their desired objectives, according to ClearRock Inc.  While that…


The Second – or Third – try may be the one That Lands the Job

If a job-seeker had not been a match for an employer when applying previously, the situation could now be different due to a change in the employer’s needs, the applicant’s experience and skills – or both. The needs and skill requirements of employers are continually changing in response to economic…


Questions Unemployed Need to ask Before Becoming own Boss

People age 45 and up have acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills about their professions and industries, are in better financial shape and tend to have more connections than younger workers.  However, starting a business is not for everyone. Most people who become self-employed are motivated by the possible…


5 Strategies on how to Benefit From More Hiring

Regardless of your employment status, you should learn how to benefit from news that hiring has picked up.  An increase in hiring assists both unemployed and employed people. There are more jobs available for those who are unemployed and employed people looking for better jobs. It also makes employees more…