We are recognized for bringing exceptional offerings to the leadership development and executive coaching process. ClearRock helps link organizational objectives, vision, and direction with the development of key individuals in an organization. 

Our customized approach factors in everything from career goals and organizational objectives, to coachee/coach compatibility. We tailor action plans for every organization and individual we work with, and most of our coaches have more than two decades of experience. Our track record speaks for itself: numerous advancements for our coachees, higher functioning and effective teams, and long-lasting client relationships. We are constantly working to become, and continue being, long-term advisors to our clients, while providing the highest quality coaching services in the industry.

Types of Coaching


The future of an organization depends upon its ability to develop the performance capabilities of its leaders, managers, and employees. Successful organizations demonstrate a clear pattern of leadership having the ability to communicate an explicit vision and provide tools for their people to achieve results.

When leaders, managers, and employees are engaged in learning and development opportunities, the organization enjoys profitability, employee and customer satisfaction, creativity, and innovation. Research shows that companies that use a coaching approach to learning have 50% less turnover, 56% greater customer loyalty, and 27% more profitability (Berard, 2005).

ClearRock’s developmental coaching model goes beyond changing or modifying behavior. We help bridge the gap between knowledge and performance to aid individuals in achieving developmental advances. These advances benefit the individual and the organization. 

We focus on a variety of topics in the coaching process that include: 

  • Building leadership skills including subject-matter expert to leader, strategic vision, influence, etc.
  • Developing effective relationships with managers, peers, and direct reports
  • Enhancing communication style and non-verbal behavior
  • Maximizing team performance through effective people management and development
  • Strengthening executive presence

The grace time for newly hired or newly promoted leaders to demonstrate effectiveness and success has diminished substantially. These leaders must produce results and understand organizational expectations immediately in order to be successful. They need tools to expedite the onboarding process, and guidance to quickly understand the organizational ground rules.

New Leader Coaching provides the tools and guidance necessary to support newly hired or newly promoted leaders during this onboarding process. The goals and objectives of the coaching process include:

  • Clarifying expectations between the leader and the organization
  • Identifying key stakeholders and conducting a needs assessment
  • Establishing and utilizing critical competencies
  • Creating a development plan and an onboarding strategy
  • Implementing the development plan and onboarding strategy, and coaching regarding live situations and critical incidents
  • Ensuring the new leader meets the organizational performance objectives

Team/Group Coaching initiatives are designed to deepen participants’ understanding of the factors that contribute to becoming an extraordinary team, and to apply those understandings to their own teams. Whether the team or group is co-located or global, these initiatives are custom designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities of the team or group, and to achieve the desired results and outcomes as identified by the team or group leader and other key stakeholders.

The objectives of the process include: 

  • Providing team or group with support and coaching
  • Deepening the understanding of team or group members and their roles
  • Delivering live feedback in a teaching/learning environment
  • Building team or group collaboration in group facilitation, particularly if the team is global
  • Ensuring the team or group meets the organizational objectives
  • Actively integrating individual coaching with team or group coaching

At some point in a person’s career he/she may hit roadblocks that can cause him/her to plateau. Over time this may result in apathy, lack of productivity, and a sense of being out of sorts. The root cause can vary including a rapid promotion, a lack of promotion, not feeling challenged, and a decline in skill knowledge.

Compass is appropriate for various levels of employees and is focused on the most important phases of career transition including assessment, skills development, and career planning.

The objectives of the process include: 

  • Enabling an organization to retain valued employees who might otherwise leave
  • Offering redeployment options to talented employees
  • Thoroughly analyzing accomplishments and competencies
  • Re-motivating and re-energizing employees to manage their careers
  • Increasing productivity

Our Approach

Where leaders turn for advice on how to maximize their impact. 

Our coaching style is direct while being supportive, and we are known for empathizing with a person’s experiences while holding him or her accountable for style choices, behaviors, and stated goals. We integrate the most effective elements of systems and behavioral theory with leadership development practices and real-world examples to help coachees successfully reach their goals. We also integrate established organizational initiatives (previous 360’s, performance reviews, identified leadership competencies) into the coaching process.

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Executive Coaching Consultants

Gregory M. Gostanian

Geralyn Burke Gray

Patricia M. Keegan, Ed.D.

James H. Kimberly, MSW

Richard A. Petrino, Ph.D.

Anne Hawley Stevens

Lisa Zankman

Gregory M. Gostanian \\

Principal Consultant

Greg has enjoyed working with senior executives for more than 30 years. His career as a consultant, executive coach, executive recruiter and human resources executive has spanned corporations from start-up to Fortune 100. 

Greg is respected for his skill in working with executives from all industries and at all levels including financial services, higher education, defense, manufacturing, high-tech and biotech. His experience in effectively assessing organizations and developing people has contributed to numerous coaching engagements with a particular emphasis on developing leaders. 

Greg is well known for his insight into organization dynamics and his realistic approach to executive coaching.

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Geralyn Burke Gray \\

Senior Consultant 

Geralyn is an accomplished consultant with expertise in executive coaching, corporate human resources, and career management. Her more than 20 years of professional experience includes counseling executives at global organizations in the pharmaceutical, biotech, financial services, high technology, retail, and professional services industries. Geralyn’s leadership roles have given her a deep understanding of organizational and career development issues, and an ability to create counseling strategies and programs specifically tailored to each situation. 

Geralyn’s passion for coaching and career management is evident in her collaborative interactions with clients, quickly building rapport and fostering an open and productive relationship. 

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Patricia M. Keegan, Ed.D. \\

Senior Consultant

Pat is an executive coach with more than 25 years of experience consulting and coaching executives at all levels. She brings her expertise to varying industry sectors that range from large Fortune 500 organizations to non-profits and small entrepreneurial start-ups. 

Pat assists executives in improving leadership and management practices, communication skills, and conflict management. She is also a clinical psychologist and former university professor with a doctorate in education.

Pat brings to each project a keen understanding of interpersonal styles, leadership styles, human motivation, change management, and organizational systems.

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James H. Kimberly, MSW \\

Senior Consultant 

Jim has more than 30 years of business and consulting experience in healthcare, organizational development, and leadership coaching. He works closely with clients to provide individual and team coaching services. Jim coaches clients at all levels (managers/directors, VP’s, C-suite, and founders) to enhance influence, communication, and other key skills to achieve better results.

Jim offers particular expertise in emotional intelligence and coaching skills; helping leaders recognize their strengths, read the emotions of others, and respond in culturally appropriate ways to increase performance.

Jim has worked with firms in many industries from healthcare and financial services to high technology and defense.

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Richard A. Petrino, Ph.D. \\

Senior Consultant 

Rich has been a consultant, coach, and educator for the past 30 years. He has worked with individuals, groups, and teams in a wide range of industries and in a variety of business environments, from rapid-paced start-up companies to complex global corporations. As Corporate Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Learning Officer in a Fortune 100 company, he helped create successful long-term strategic plans and large-scale organizational change in a highly competitive industry. Rich has a practical and results-oriented approach and he is committed to utilizing his extensive experience to support his clients to help them achieve their goals. 

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Anne Hawley Stevens \\

Principal Consultant

Annie established ClearRock in 2000 and has been coaching and supporting executives domestically and in Europe for 20+ years. While working directly with the founders of the executive and career coaching industries, Annie crafted a coaching protocol and roadmap based on years of industry experience coaching hundreds of executives, physicians, and scientists. 

She has extensive experience coaching at all levels of an organization and in numerous industries including financial services, higher education, biotech/pharma, healthcare, non-profits, and retail. Annie is known for empathizing with people’s experiences, and building trusting relationships while still holding people accountable for their behaviors and stated goals.

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Lisa Zankman \\

Senior Consultant

Lisa has more than 30 years of experience supporting and advising mid- and senior-level executives, physicians, and scientists in settings ranging from healthcare and research to financial services, retail, high-tech, biotech, academia, and the public sector. Her senior leadership roles have provided her with insights into managing leaders, staff, teams, and peers in complex organizations.

Lisa has in-depth experience coaching executives, building and managing teams, advising professionals through career changes, and helping teams and individuals to develop innovative solutions to intractable business problems.

Before joining ClearRock, Lisa was Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

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