ClearRock is an outplacement firm recognized for delivering customized solutions to help organizations and individuals successfully manage the career transition process.

Our track record speaks for itself: repeat business, long-lasting client relationships, and rapid re-employment for our outplacement clients. We are constantly working to become, and continue being, long-term advisors to our clients, while providing the highest quality outplacement and career-transition services in the industry.

Types of Outplacement


Senior executives going through career transition have unique requirements. Some have been through the outplacement process and need more strategic rather than tactical support. Others have not been through the process in decades and need to understand the contemporary approaches that are required in today’s market.

Our Executive Outplacement process is customized and driven by an individual’s point of reference. Executives have one-on-one support from mature and experienced career consultants that are by their side throughout the transition process.

Our key objectives in the executive outplacement process include:

  • Successfully transitioning from organization
  • Thoroughly analyzing accomplishments and competencies
  • Clarifying goals, values, and objectives
  • Gathering data and feedback via several assessment instruments
  • Developing a competitive resume, CV, bio, and LinkedIn profile
  • Developing a marketing plan to support goals and objectives
  • Creating a networking strategy, including the selection of consultative “Board of Directors”
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Strengthening the arsenal of self-marketing tools and skills needed to be competitive
  • Coaching through the onboarding process

Each person we work with comes to us with a unique set of opportunities and challenges. In addition to the more tactical aspects of the process, there is also an increasing need to focus on career development and planning, and to explore broader career options at this critical turning point. Individual Outplacement begins from the individual’s point of reference and provides: 

  • One-on-one consulting from an experienced career consultant
  • Opportunity to attend group seminars and workshops
  • 24/7 access to a comprehensive Career Navigator web portal (access extends 90 days beyond program length)

Our key objectives in the individual outplacement process include: 

  • Processing job loss and preparing to move forward
  • Assessing skills and strengths, clarifying goals and objectives
  • Perfecting the “elevator pitch”
  • Developing a competitive resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Developing a marketing plan and networking strategy
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Strengthening the arsenal of self-marketing tools and skills needed to be competitive

Our retirement program, ClearPath, focuses on assisting individuals with the decision-making process of contemplating and/or entering retirement, managing the emotional and strategic changes, as well as self-analysis and planning involved with transitioning into a fulfilling future. This is a time for reflection, decision-making, and new beginnings. 

Retirement has evolved considerably during the past several years. It is no longer viewed as a time for pure leisure, but as an opportunity to explore a new career, spend time with family and friends, enjoy new activities, or share years of experience and wisdom through independent consulting.

Our key objectives in ClearPath’s approach to a fulfilling retirement include:

  • Managing change and transition into retirement
  • Thoroughly analyzing accomplishments and competencies
  • Establishing goals and retirement objectives
  • Examining work/life balance
  • Completing a competitive resume or biography (if applicable)
  • Developing a retirement strategy including financial planning
  • Understanding the various stages of retirement
  • Selecting the most appropriate path based on established skills, interests and lifestyle preferences
  • Developing a long-term life plan

While organizations are committed to providing transition support to released employees, there may be limited financial resources to provide full outplacement programs to every individual The Two Day Group Outplacement Workshop provides candidates with both the tools and strategies for managing a successful job-search campaign, and is cost-effective for organizations. 

The Workshop effectively supports several levels of employees ranging from administrative to mid-level professionals. We integrate an assessment process as well as self-marketing techniques that are driven by the level of employees in the group. We offer a Workshop each month for individuals from various organizations and we deliver event-driven Workshops that are customized to specific organizations. Our Workshop is delivered in a small group setting (up to 12 people) in order to best meet the needs of those attending and can also be customized for a particular client.

Our key objectives in the group outplacement process include: 

  • Support and guidance while working through emotions associated with job loss
  • Establishing goals and objectives through an analysis of accomplishments
  • Completion of a competitive resume and training on how to get the most out of LinkedIn
  • Developing a networking/marketing plan
  • Training in tactical approaches to the job-search process

Our Approach

Career transition is not easy, but it can still be done well. 

There are few things more difficult for a leader to do than to terminate someone’s employment. Employees at every level who are treated with dignity and respect in this process and receive the support they need, will progress in their own job search with greater ease and reflect more positively on their experiences with their former employer. This is where we can help.

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Career Consultants

Jean Accorsini

Alexandra R. Chambers

Emily Durbin

Mike Fitzgerald

Heather Holmes Floyd

Julie Kniznik

Michael Mellone

Susan Peppercorn

Erica Rydzewski

Patricia Smith

Selena Tan

Deborah Tyson

Jean Accorsini \\

Senior Consultant

Jean offers more than two decades of career consulting experience and has been recognized for her effectiveness in assessing individual needs and motivating others to develop their abilities.

With a diverse background in business, consulting and education, Jean is able to provide her clients with a rich view of ‘where they have been’ and ‘where they are going,’ offering a plan for individual assessment, career exploration, and personal growth. She has enjoyed the opportunity to work within various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, financial services, and computer technology; ranging from start-up firms to mid-size and large firms.

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Alexandra R. Chambers \\

Ali is an integral member of the ClearRock team as a trusted partner to individuals in career transition and advisor to the human resources client teams she has supported. She is known for her thoughtful approach to client needs and commitment to building long-standing relationships.

As a career consultant, Ali believes that every transition offers an opportunity for her clients to dig deep to uncover their unique strengths and the value they can bring to a new employer. As individuals successfully transition into their new role, they become part of our alumni community where Ali facilitates programming and content for networking and ongoing career management.


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Emily Durbin \\

Senior Consultant

Emily is a senior career consultant with more than 25 years experience in human resources, training, employee development, and organizational development. Her expertise includes management and career coaching, course design and implementation, project management, and facilitation. She is highly collaborative with strong relationship and interpersonal skills. Emily works closely with clients to motivate, inspire, and guide them toward achieving their professional goals.

Emily has worked as a Vice President of Learning and Development for a financial services organization where she focused on development needs for corporate, operations, technology, and administrative organizations. She also has previous experience in healthcare and manufacturing.

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Mike Fitzgerald \\

Mike Fitzgerald is a career coach and advisor with more than 20 years of experience working with senior level business leaders in virtually all industry sectors. He is passionate about helping individuals identify their hopes, values and goals and ensuring strong alignment of these with their careers.


Mike draws upon his deep experience connecting talent with opportunity through his work in executive search. He has also led efforts to further organizational diversity and inclusion and to develop leadership capabilities in young professionals. Mike is the first recipient of the Bob Gatti Mentor of the Year Award, given by the Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA).


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Heather Holmes Floyd \\

Heather is a career consultant and executive coach with more than 25 years of experience.   Heather is passionate about helping people define and achieve their professional and personal goals, while focusing on important success factors that have an impact on outcomes. She enjoys working with clients to help them create integrated approaches aimed at developing a healthy and productive work/life balance.


Heather draws upon her deep knowledge of the medical/ healthcare industry as well as her extensive human resources experience in employee relations, talent acquisition and not-for-profit Board work as she coaches individuals to achieve career success.



Julie Kniznik \\

Senior Consultant

Julie is a seasoned human resources professional with more than 20 years of experience in consulting and corporate management roles. Her background includes expertise in performance management, organization and employee development, strategic compensation design and implementation, and process consultation. She has worked on behalf of companies and organizations in the financial services, technology, healthcare, professional services, and non-profit industries.

Julie is recognized for her ability to connect with all levels of clients to provide the optimal in personal and professional development. She excels in individualized consulting services, as well as, coaching and counseling workshops to help employees and companies achieve their objectives.

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Michael Mellone \\

Senior Consultant

Michael brings more than 30 years of experience in human resource consulting and education to his role as a career consultant. He has significant expertise in career development, placement, training, and partner relocation. Michael has hands-on experience managing college career and graduate programs in business schools, professional schools, and liberal arts colleges. 

A skilled coach and facilitator, Michael has earned a reputation as an excellent career coach, with an expertise in helping clients to develop clear objectives while building personal brands and marketing strategies. His clients include individuals with backgrounds in higher education, health services, life sciences, financial services, and consumer products.

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Susan Peppercorn \\

Senior Consultant

Susan brings two decades of experience in high-tech solution sales, executive education, and career coaching to building trusted client relationships. She is known for becoming a strategic business partner by creating customized solutions to meet clients’ needs.

Susan has coached individuals on all aspects of the job-search process, as well as developed and delivered seminars on personal branding, social media, resiliency, and career management.

Since joining ClearRock, Susan has consulted with professionals in career transition in every industry and at every level. She is intimately familiar with what it takes for individuals in transition to be successful.

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Erica Rydzewski \\

Erica Rydzewski brings more than 15 years of career consulting experience to ClearRock. She is an engaging career coach and facilitator who is recognized for her high touch, energetic, caring and proactive approach with individuals. She has a particular expertise in helping individuals to assess their skills, create a powerful brand through their resume and LinkedIn profile and effectively position themselves for networking and interviewing. 

During her career, Erica has enjoyed all aspects of the career transition field including facilitation of career transition workshops and providing one-on-one coaching to professionals from a diverse range of industries, functions, and organizational levels.

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Patricia Smith \\

Patricia brings 25 + years of experience as an executive career transition leader and trusted adviser to decision makers across many business sectors.  She is known for her business savvy and personal warmth while providing a creative and holistic approach to best meet the interests and goals of each organization and individual.  Patricia is also a certified integral coach with a focus on individuals in mid-life and later who are anticipating or experiencing change in their work/life, feeling stuck, or yearning for something different. 


A graduate of the University of Rhode Island, Patricia received her Integral Coaching certification from New Ventures West.  She has been quoted by local and national media, including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Life Reimagined AARP, and National Public Radio.  



Selena Tan \\

Senior Consultant

Selena brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience leading and managing human resources, finance, and information technology groups across higher education, not-for-profit, research and development, financial services, and technology organizations. Throughout, she has consistently developed individuals and teams for value-based performance and outcomes.

As a Board Certified Coach (BCC), Selena integrates self-awareness, learning, and innovation into accelerating clients’ long-term professional and personal growth. Taking a whole-person systems approach with leaders and professionals, she makes the transition process relevant and intrinsically rewarding. Her coaching work focuses on leaders of color and professionals being groomed for succession.

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Deborah Tyson \\


Debbie brings 15 years of experience working in the public and non-profit sectors within the fields of education, human resources, and non-profit program management.

As a career transition consultant, her aim is to understand an individual’s key strengths and motivations and to support them in clarifying and reaching their professional goals. Her core passion is helping people to build a meaningful and impactful life both at home, at work, and in the world.

Debbie’s career consulting expertise includes work in the fields of healthcare, biotechnology, professional services, information technology, higher education, and non-profit. She also has an affinity for work with young professionals, working parents, and budding entrepreneurs.

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Thought of the Day

“I think everyone should experience defeat at least once during their career. You learn a lot from it.”

- Lou Holtz

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