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Social Media Profile Becoming as Important as Your Resume

Your online social media profile may be as important as your resume if you are looking for a new job or to change careers.  Employers are more frequently using social media networks to find candidates for employment, rather than going through resumes or searching job websites.  People who have neglected…


Summertime Social Media Job-Search Strategy

About half of all job-seekers will either slack off or put their searches on hold during the summer. However, people who continue to be active can have an edge over others, and those who adapt social media to a summertime job search will have an even greater advantage.  Now that…


Six Steps for Getting Employers to Take a Second Look at You

Want to ask a prospective employer to take a second look at you – even if you have interviewed with the company before and did not get the job the first time?  Numerous job-seekers are successful after the second or third time they apply to or interview with a potential…


13 Ways to Improve Your Job Search

The difference between landing a job and not hearing back from a potential employer can come down to a matter of details. These factors can include not following up quickly or effectively enough, failing to perfect your telephone interviewing skills, over-reliance on the Internet, having a poor social media presence…