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The Second – or Third – try may be the one That Lands the Job

If a job-seeker had not been a match for an employer when applying previously, the situation could now be different due to a change in the employer’s needs, the applicant’s experience and skills – or both. The needs and skill requirements of employers are continually changing in response to economic…


Questions Unemployed Need to ask Before Becoming own Boss

People age 45 and up have acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills about their professions and industries, are in better financial shape and tend to have more connections than younger workers.  However, starting a business is not for everyone. Most people who become self-employed are motivated by the possible…


5 Strategies on how to Benefit From More Hiring

Regardless of your employment status, you should learn how to benefit from news that hiring has picked up.  An increase in hiring assists both unemployed and employed people. There are more jobs available for those who are unemployed and employed people looking for better jobs. It also makes employees more…


7 Signs Your Career is at a Standstill

As a first step to becoming aware of potential career standstill, evaluate your job and career to see if you have any of the 7 Signs You May Be Stuck In Your Job: You don’t feel challenged by your job You’re unhappy with going into work each day You have…