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10 Questions to Ask an Outplacement Provider

By Kathleen Teehan Thinking about an Outplacement Provider is typically not top of mind for most Human Capital leaders.  Probably because it’s not pleasant to think about downsizing, employee terminations or situations that require a downward shift in headcount.  As a regional leader in this space, we’ve heard this type…


5 Strategies to Minimize the Negative Impact of Employee Separations

  5 Strategies to Minimize the Negative Impact of Employee Separations   By Laura Poisson There are few things leaders must do that are more difficult than terminating someone’s employment. The key to minimizing the negative impact on the affected employee and protecting morale in the workplace is to ensure separated…


Why Only 3 out of 10 Change Initiatives Succeed – 7 Principles for Managing Change

Employers are continually introducing changes into the workplace – from revisions to health care plans to new products and services to new human resource and management policies. However, as many as 7 out of 10 of these changes never fully achieve their desired objectives, according to ClearRock Inc.  While that…