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10 Life and Leadership Lessons From the Patriots

By Ellie Eckhoff Team first – teams win together and lose together. Invest in and develop your players to bring out their best. Have one team goal and get all players working toward that goal. Inspirational leadership – put a “Brady-like” leader in front – people follow those they trust…


Feedback: An Organizational and Individual Perspective

Feedback: An Organizational and Individual Perspective Part One by Geralyn Burke Gray, Annie Stevens, and Lisa Zankman   Feedback – An Organizational View   Why is it that so many companies struggle with fostering and providing ongoing feedback? It seems that we have many forces trying to make sure that…


Engaging Employees After A Layoff

There are few things more difficult to do than terminating someone’s employment. Employees who are treated with dignity and respect in this process, and receive the support they need, will progress in their job search with greater ease and reflect more positively on their experiences with their former employer. Remaining…


The Importance of Mentoring

By Ellie Eckhoff | Vice President    Part of my role at ClearRock is strategic business development. Over the years I have had mentors that have helped me develop the skills to do my job effectively. As the Mentoring Marketing Chair for The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), I have been…


5 Ways Managers Can Reduce Holiday Stress In The Workplace

The holidays are supposed to be a time to celebrate with friends and family, but they can also coincide with demanding year-end reporting, performance reviews, and deadlines.  Add in trying to find the right gift for the office swap, the perfect outfit for the company holiday party, and making sure…


Maintaining Better Workplace Trust is new Challenge

Trust in the workplace has been slowly recovering during the past few years.  Employees today are more trustful of senior management and colleagues than they have been since the start of the recession, according to surveys.  Improved trust in senior management has resulted from steps leaders have taken to cope…


Seven Principles for Managing Change / More Employers to Address Being Overwhelmed at Work

One of the top human resource challenges of 2015 will be addressing the issue of employees being overwhelmed at work, which often spills over into their personal lives.  More employers are seeing higher levels of employee burnout and stress and are addressing it at the organizational level. Developing policies and…