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Is Your Organization Considering an Investment in Executive Coaching?

Article by Laura Poisson   Maximizing the performance of a leadership team through executive coaching can yield significant returns for an organization.  According to a recent global survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Centre, the mean Return on the Investment in coaching was 7 times the initial investment. It…


5 Strategies to Minimize the Negative Impact of Employee Separations

  5 Strategies to Minimize the Negative Impact of Employee Separations   By Laura Poisson There are few things leaders must do that are more difficult than terminating someone’s employment. The key to minimizing the negative impact on the affected employee and protecting morale in the workplace is to ensure separated…


10 Life and Leadership Lessons From the Patriots

By Ellie Eckhoff Team first – teams win together and lose together. Invest in and develop your players to bring out their best. Have one team goal and get all players working toward that goal. Inspirational leadership – put a “Brady-like” leader in front – people follow those they trust…


Survey Shows Severance Amounts Unchanged in Three Years

In its most recent survey regarding severance, ClearRock, Inc., found eighty percent of employers are providing the same amount of severance to as they did three years ago. Nearly all respondents (98%) stated Reduction in Force/Job Elimination as a reason for providing severance.  58% provide severance based on Poor “Fit” for…


Management Walking Around More to Maintain Morale

More executives, managers and supervisors are getting out of their offices and out from behind emails and are interacting with employees where the work is being performed. They are utilizing Management By Walking Around (MBWA) as a way to be more visible, connect with employees, invite suggestions, improve morale, productivity, and employee engagement….


13 Ways to Become a Better Manager

One of the best ways companies can improve their bottom lines is for their executives and managers to manage better.  Managers can upgrade their management and leadership skills, team up with mentors, and clarify the objectives and career paths of those they manage.  To retain talented employees in this slowly…


Maintaining Better Workplace Trust is new Challenge

Trust in the workplace has been slowly recovering during the past few years.  Employees today are more trustful of senior management and colleagues than they have been since the start of the recession, according to surveys.  Improved trust in senior management has resulted from steps leaders have taken to cope…